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    Holiday PJ Mini Sessions are Here!

    I’m super excited to announce my 2017 Holiday mini sessions, which are cozy PJ themed! I don’t usually do mini sessions, but I really couldn’t resist the idea of adorable kids in holiday jammies cozied up on a comfy bed. As an extreme Christmas lover myself, I have so many warm fuzzy memories of my family snuggling up on my bed and reading “The Night Before Christmas” every year, and I wanted to recreate that for my Holiday minis.

    And these sessions are NOT just for Christmas celebrators! I have curated a pillow collection that will make sure you get perfect photos whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, or just the beauty of winter in general. Let’s take a look at some of the options!

    First up, for those who want to send out holiday cards with a theme of Love, Peace, and best wishes, we have our holiday-neutral winter set up. Also perfect for “Happy New Year’s” cards, or photos you can display on your wall and enjoy all year. The great thing about this set up is that any PJs would work great with it. You could also do a festive party dress!

    Los Angeles Holiday Mini Sessions 2017

    Next up, Christmas. I love these tree pillows I found, and some festive red or green pajamas are the perfect compliment. You could also go with something alpine themed, or a fun flannel.

    Los Angeles Holiday Mini Sessions 2017

    And then there’s Hanukkah! The gold and blue accents in this set up are so classy that you could definitely display these photos all year. In fact, I’m planning on using these pillows on my couch after these mini sessions are over ūüėČ I’d recommend neutral colored jammies or perhaps a gold or light blue.

    Los Angeles Holiday Mini Sessions 2017

    And if you celebrate more than one holiday in your house, let’s mix up those pillows! So many possibilities.


    So let’s get down to details. Since my day of mini sessions is basically a photoshoot marathon, I am able to offer these at a discounted rate.¬†Here are all of the specifics:


    Saturday, November 4
    8 time slots available
    20 minute session, followed by time to choose your favorites
    3 digital files included

    BYO Pajamas or other Festive attire


    To reserve your time slot, here is the link…make sure you notice the time slot mentioned in the title of each item, as this will be the time you are committed to having your mini session. Payment will be due upfront. Additional digital files and special holiday art products like ornaments and holiday cards will be available for purchase as well. When I see your purchase is confirmed, I’ll send you an email with more details and links to some great sites where you can find adorable pajamas for your session.

    One thing important to note is that these sessions are just for the kiddos. If you’d like information about full family sessions, please contact me. October is nearly fully booked, but I have a few slots in November still available.

    I can’t wait to work on these with you!


    Emily Winnie Photography- Los angeles Family Photographer- Fall Family Session

    Time for Fall Family Sessions!

    The busiest time of year for family photographers is fast approaching! Even though we’ve had a crazy heat wave this week and it doesn’t feel like summer is over yet, fall is coming quick and before you know it, it’s going to be time to start thinking about sending out Holiday cards and planning gifts for grandparents and other relatives.

    Sometimes it’s tempting to put your fall family shoot off until the last minute, when it really feels like Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner, but I recommend booking early while I still have availability. In fact, I am going to make scheduling your session even easier by offering half off your session fee if you book a family session in September or October as opposed to November. That way I will have plenty of time to edit and schedule our viewing and ordering sessions before the rush of sending cards and gifts stresses everyone out and we can all enjoy the holidays with our families!

    Here are some samples of family sessions from last year to inspire you!


    Behind the Scenes with Emily Winnie Photography {Los Angeles Newborn Session}

    I’m so excited to present my new Behind-the-Scenes video! I have been working with a videographer on this project for several months, making sure it was perfect before sharing it with the world, and it’s finally ready!

    I know a lot of people have never seen a newborn session in action and I wanted to provide a way for people who were thinking about booking a newborn session with me to be able to see a little snippet of what the experience would be like. I was lucky to find a wonderful family willing to be my model for the session, and baby Jude did NOT disappoint!! I was keeping my fingers crossed for a very sleepy baby so we could do a bunch of different cute set-ups, and this little guy DELIVERED! He literally slept for about 2.5 hours straight so I just kept posing him in as many different ways as I could.

    Jude and his parents are big time Cubs fans, so I had fun customizing their session to include a few cute baseball setups. They also wanted to make sure to include some very important members of their family- their dog Ivy and Jude’s grandparents. Ivy was the most well behaved dog I have ever met, and she was such a cooperative subject- obviously she will be a great big sister to Jude.

    I’m going to post some of my favorites from Jude’s session here as well as the video that we made together. I hope you enjoy all the cuteness and taking a sneak peek into a session with Emily Winnie Photography!

    Newborn Photos Los Angeles


    Video by Chasing Wildflowers Films

    {Neighborhood Business Feature} Stanley’s Wet Goods


    My last local business feature was more kid focused, so this time around, I found a new place that’s all for the grown ups! Located on Venice just West of Main Street, Stanley’s Wet Goods is an addition to the Downtown Culver City scene that I am very excited about, and if you are a fan of wine, beer or small batch liquor, you will be too! Not only is it a beautiful space with a wonderful selection of wines and other beverages to purchase by the bottle, there is also a wine bar area where you can have a glass of wine or a specialty cocktail with a friend or try a flight of new wines at one of Stanley’s tasting events. They also often have food trucks parked outside for the perfect complement to your drinks. Something else that has piqued my interest is their Wine Club. There are several different priced options for the clubs, and signing up means you will get several different bottles each month to try. I plan on signing up soon!

    I love these words from their website:
    “Stanley’s is founded on the belief that the world of wine, beer and spirits provides one of the few remaining experiences where the magic of mother nature, combined with attention to detail from true artisans, produce stunning paradoxes in the glass: complexity with elegance; boldness with refinement; deep flavors with lightness. These drinks enhance the most important moments of life with friends and family, and represent some of the best examples of a simple pleasure in an increasingly complex world. These experiences matter. The drink matters as well.”

    The main wine room is organized by country of origin. The flag labels on the sides of the wine cabinets make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Or, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, there are some very helpful people who are quite knowledgeable about wine who can help you make a decision.

    Isn’t the tasting area pretty? I love the way they’ve designed the whole space.

    You can check out their website at


    So now that I’ve introduced you all to this exciting new place, who wants to go enjoy it together? Let’s go!


    Los Angeles Newborn Twins- Emily Winnie Photography

    Los Angeles Newborn Photos {Andy & Brendan’s Twin Session}

    I was so excited to have the chance to do my very first twin newborn session! I have known the Garg family for several years, as I was their second daughter’s infant teacher and I’ve been taking their family photos since then. When I heard they were having twins, I got so excited! Here are some highlights from their session.

    First, I took some solo shots of Andy. Such a cutie!Los Angeles Newborn Photos-Emily Winnie Photography

    Then it was Brendan’s turn!Culver City Twin Newborn Photos- Emily Winnie Photography

    Then it was time for them to snuggle up and take some photos together. One cute baby is pretty amazing, but two together, with teddy bears? Doesn’t get much cuter.¬†Los Angeles Twin Newborn Photos- Emily Winnie Photography

    And of course, the family got in the action. Elaina and Kaylie are so happy these two little guys have been added to the family, and are such doting big sisters! I can’t wait to watch them all grow up together. And I have to give mom and dad a hand for being able to hold both twins at once with such ease!¬†Los Angeles Twin Family- Emily Winnie Photography

    {Neighborhood Business Feature} Zooga Yoga

    I’m excited to kick off¬†my new monthly blog feature today! As a small business owner myself, I love discovering new local shops, restaurants and businesses that I feel great about bringing my business too. I thought it would be fun¬†if I highlighted¬†some of these businesses in the Culver City and West LA area that you guys, my wonderful clients and prospective clients, might also love. I’m going to mostly focus on family-friendly businesses that you might want to check out when you’re on your way home from my studio with your kiddos or otherwise in the area. There will also probably be a lot of food spots because, hey, it’s a great excuse for me to eat yummy stuff ūüėČ I hope you enjoy discovering these businesses along with me each month!

    The inaugural business I’m featuring is Zooga Yoga, an amazing yoga and dance studio down the street from my home and studio. Owner Antonia King (pictured below) created Zooga in 2012, as the very first yoga studio in the Los Angeles area that catered to kids of all ages as well as their families. They are now branching out into franchised locations, so soon families all over the country will be able to take advantage of all the classes and events they have to offer.¬†I was able to photograph the grand opening of this new location a few months ago and was so impressed by their space and everything they offer. Look how bright fun the studio is. I love that the lobby offers places for families to watch as their little ones dance and move inside the two main fitness rooms. There is a shop as well, where you can purchase yoga-themed books and other cool gear.¬†

    One of their main offerings is dance classes for children as well as classes for adults with their children- what a fun way to sneak some exercise into your day spending time with your little ones. Styles range from hiphop to ballet to kangaroo hop.

    And I was so  impressed watching the kids so some yoga. They were surprisingly focused and very flexible. Such a great way to encourage mindfulness at a young age.


    Zooga also offers adult yoga classes. There are offerings for both adults alone and adults with their babies, which was so sweet to watch.

    In addition to dance and yoga classes, there are music and movement classes with live guitar sing-alongs, special events that feature dancing to music from currently popular movies, book readings/signings, and holiday events/camps. So if you are looking for activities for your children or a class for yourself, I highly recommend checking out this Culver City neighborhood gem.

    Los Angeles Family Photography- Cheviot Hills Session

    Los Angeles Family Photography {Morgan Family Session at Rancho Park}

    I am finally getting around blogging one of my favorite sessions from last fall, the Morgan Family’s session at Rancho Park. This is not just any family, these are my cousins! I convinced Shiri¬†to do a full session this year instead of just a quick photo on Thanksgiving for them to use in their Christmas card, mostly for selfish reasons- I¬†want our generation of the family to have as many amazing photos to pass down as our grandparents and parents d0.

    We decided to keep things local and found a beautiful corner of Rancho Park in Cheviot Hills to have our session. My cousin Jack and I both grew up spending a lot of time at this park near both of our West L.A. neighborhoods, and his kids now play soccer there, so it was a familiar location for everyone. Kallie and Danny had fun and gave me lots of good smiles and some funny poses, then spent 20 minutes after we finished shooting rolling down the hills!

    Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!

    Los Angeles Photographer- Rancho Park Family session Emily Winnie Photographer- Los Angeles Family Session

    Gift Certificates and Gift Registries!

    Emily Winnie Photography now has an online shop where you can purchase gift certificates! The link is….

    This is a fantastic resource because there are so many ways we can use it. First and most obvious, it’s a quick and easy way to order gift certificates for your loved ones. When you give someone a gift certificate for a photo session with me, you are not giving a basic, everyday gift! You are really giving the gift of memories that will last a lifetime, and you can’t say that about many other gifts! Especially perfect for Mother’s Day, which is coming up!

    The second way we can collaborate to use this tool is to set up a gift registry. If you are an expectant mom who would like to ask friends to contribute toward a maternity or newborn photo session as a part of your baby registry, reach out to me and we can create¬†a listing in the store¬†just for you. You will get a customized link that you can include on your baby shower invitations, email to friends or post on social media. As people contribute toward your session, I will keep a running list and present you with a (hopefully very generous) gift certificate on the day of your shower or whenever you are ready to use it. I’m so excited about this option. I think registering for heirloom portraits is so much more special than getting MORE onesies and pacifiers.

    And last but not least, these gift certificates are a great way to save up for the session you’ve been dreaming of. You can invest in one whenever you are able, and then save them until you are ready for your session. For example, you could purchase a $50 gift card for yourself every month, and save them up until you have enough for the session fee and collection of artwork you’ve been coveting.

    A few things to note about purchasing gift¬†certificates: When you buy one, make sure to leave your email address in the comment area so I can email you a pretty digital gift certificate. If you would prefer a physically printed card, we can arrange for pickup. I will email your gift certificate within 24 hours of purchase. If you need it faster than that, call me first and make sure I know it’s a rush order, and I’ll let you know if I am able to accomplish that for you before you purchase.



    Emily Winnie Photography- Los Angeles Extended Family Session

    Pasadena Family Photography {McNutt Extended Family Session}

    I have to say that even though extended¬†family sessions can be a little intimidating (18 people?! That’s a lot of grandkid wrangling!), I absolutely LOVE doing them, because I honestly can’t think of a better heirloom than a portrait of the whole family. How often is it that everyone you love is in the same place at the same time, and even better, a little bit dressed up?

    As a self-proclaimed family history nut, I treasure the extended family photos that I have of various branches of my family throughout history. Here is one from when my grandfather was a little boy in the early 1900’s with his siblings, parents, grandparents, and great-grandfather.

    Then there’s this one of my great-grandma’s family in Ohio from around the same time. Love it!

    But this has got to be my favorite, because it was the last family photo we took before my grandma passed away. I especially love it because she’s smiling, which she did all the time in real life, but rarely ever did in photos. We took it long before I was a professional photographer with an old point-and-shoot camera at Christmas that year, and while the quality might not be super professional, it will always and forever be framed in my house and cherished.


    But let’s get to the main event…

    The McNutt/Velasco clan wanted to do an extended family session as a gift to the grandparents, so we found a great private location just outside of Los Angeles in Pasadena so we’d have room for everyone, and had such a fun afternoon of posing and playing. When I do these large family sessions, I love to get as many possible combinations of groupings as possible. Besides getting full group shots, we do photos of the subfamilies, all the cousins together, the grown siblings, all the kids with the grandparents, as well as portraits of each child. I hope this gallery of a few favorites from their session inspires you to schedule an extended family photos shoot with Emily Winnie Photography soon!

    Emily Winnie Photography-Extended Family Session3

    Emily Winnie Photography-Extended Family Session1 Emily Winnie Photography-Extended Family Session1
    Emily Winnie Photography-Extended Family Session4



    Culver City Newborn Photography {Luxsana’s Newborn Session}

    I was so happy¬†to be a part of Luxsana’s official welcome to the world! You might remember her mama’s beautiful maternity session a few posts ago. It’s always so much fun to photograph¬†both a¬†pregnancy and the baby’s arrival, and I think it makes me even more excited to meet the baby when it does¬†come. But it would have been pretty hard to be any more excited than I already was, since Lulu’s mom is a close friend of mine and her brother was one of the very first newborns I photographed.

    First we started with some solo shots of Lulu in two of my favorite colors to use with girls, purple and cream. Throw in some lace and a decadent jeweled crown and I’m in heaven.

    Culver City Newborn Photography- Lulu's Newborn Session

    Lulu was born Thanksgiving weekend, so we took advantage of her good timing and took some Christmassy portraits to celebrate. The little lounge chair is a new addition to my prop collection and I love it!¬†Culver-City-Newborn-Photographer-Emily-Winnie-Photography We rounded off Lulu’s photos with family portraits. How amazing is big brother William’s smile in their sibling shot? I think he’s pretty excited to have a new snuggle buddy!